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Muni Wifi

Page history last edited by Silona Bonewald 13 years, 2 months ago

Okay these are ideas that are from MY HEAD ONLY!


Basic Requirements


City will supply

  1. some "seed" hardware
  2. marketing campaign "Community Campaign"
  3. integration into the Mesh
  4. help with business integration
FON provides


  1. inexpensive hardware
  2. maps software
  3. Basic Social Network and login process
  4. Out of Town "sponsorship tools"
FON will need to add


  1. Modify hardware (if necessary) that can integrate into the existing mesh
  2. Make the Social Network more open for our additional tools
    • such as neighborhood program and out of towner sponsorships

We will do a phased implementation

focusing on the downtown area for SXSW in March (obviously I have messed this one up :-) 2009???)


pilot needs to be <50K




Online Application process for both individuals and businesses

This will be ongoing and will supply numbers for doing


  1. Rough cost summary
  2. Rough customer (ind and business) satisfaction survey
  3. Rough tech analysis
  4. Rough survey of sustainability thru advertising
Basic beginnings of


  1. Volunteer program including marketing, training and basic management
  2. Community based marketing program
  3. Business based marketing program with Out of Towner support
  4. Out of Towner program for SXSW
City will need to separately provide


  1. Bandwidth testing
  2. COA mesh integration and development

Who pays for what?



Possible problems:

not completely open is a problem for zealots

Who will program these changes?

Privacy concerns

Will have to spend money on security concerns (partnered with macafee so should be fine)

need to make sure neighborhoods are on board

east side rollout - make connections with OLPC - see about sponsoring the computers to go with

create application process for underpriviledged. (again battle with security concerns here - keep on downlow - targetted marketing)

what about businesses that are already doing completely free wireless? can we give them special status on social network?

Can they do both?  why not?


Potential partners:




less networks

anyone else?



People to talk to:

Bob Frankston (thoughts for Bob)

Dan Farber http://dfarber.blogware.com/ (per Dan)

Dan Bricklin

Doc Searles http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/doc/

Frank Markey (do I have this one right - notsure)


Other similar projects:

In Wellington NZ http://www.geekzone.co.nz/freitasm/4517 http://groups.google.com/group/ftnaotearoa


Economic thoughts:

places creating things like old school BBS's

Building our own network using Wifi


value of opportunity cost


Wifi and space

Small texas towns vs SBC - talk about Flatonia and Sen Fraiser

Austin Vs SFO and NYC - Austin has way more free wifi.  who in Austin isn't interested in free wifi?

Libraries ( Boston?)

Open Standards for doing individual and business integrations

what if one community does meraki another does Fon and the city has its own?


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